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Meet our dressmaker! -- Rolo

Jasmine Zhang

Posted on April 25 2020

We are honoured to introduce to you the dressmaker of the Blossom Sky Dress, Rolo! She has made some truly stunning vintage style dresses and we will list more of them on our website in the future! Here is a short Q&A interview with Rolo!


Q: When did you start to make dresses?

A: Around 2014. I started making dresses after I graduated from university, though I majored in Administration in uni, not fashion design. 


Q: Could you describe the styles of your dresses in a few words?

A: The dress style I am making are mainly Victorian and Edwardian style. I got my inspiration from the vintage historic dresses that were displayed at museum exhibitions. The colours of those dresses and the uses of various fabric were so impressive. 


Q: What was your inspiration for the Blossom Sky Dress?

A: The design was already in my head. After I got the right fabric I just made it without hesitation. I have so much enthusiasm forr dressmaking, that's why I have continued to make dresses all these years.